Thursday, March 20, 2014

Cookie Law Explained

UKs Cookie Laws are an interesting take on "Do not Track" and the current explosion of Big Data marketing that is being used in social media and other Internet advertising schemes.

Is it important?  In the grand scheme of things, probably not.  But as an example of "mouses roaring" and other bureaucratic attempts at control of the Internet, it is certainly interesting.

And just what we need now is another layer of graphical interfaces to slow down our ability to get stuff done on our computers and smartphones.

Is it a good thing?  Probably.

Will it prevail?  Probably not.

Why not?  For the same reason that attempts to control changes in the music industry from physical to digital failed miserably.  And now we have a music industry that has finally arrived into the 21st Century.  It may have been painful, but change always is, especially for those who were invested heavily in the former technologies and systems.

Ask RCA.  (Who?)

Cookie Law Explained

Thanks to The Cookie Collective  (no kidding!)
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