Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Is Google's latest acquisition thanks to the set-top TV box race?

"Google has confirmed it has purchased the assets of Green Throttle, lending speculation that the tech giant is planning to launch its own set-top box."

Google Acquires Green Throttle

The set-top box race has begun.  In case you didn't notice, the convergence of TV, gaming, and computing that began nearly twenty years ago has matured with the development of smartphones, high bandwidth connectivity, and entertainment gaming applications.

The other players in upcoming changes to content delivery are Netflix, Sony, Microsoft, Hulu, cable and satellite providers, and a host of other companies seeking to develop "real estate: within the home entertainment eco-system.

I wouldn't want to predict who will rise to the top, but Google, Microsoft, and Sony have had their way at getting all the marbles in the past.

Thanks to ZD Net
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