Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Just Press the I Bought It Button

What I bought it button?

You got it!  There isn't one, but there should be.

 All I did was look on the Internet for a new toilet.  And choosing Amazon.com assures me that for the next couple of weeks, I will be inundated with toilet and plumbing supply ads.  And I understand that I can turn off ads on my browsers.  The problem with that is there are some that I want, need, and use and others that I do not, especially after I have made the purchase,

The irony of this particular purchase is that I could find no solution to my problem online.  So I visited a big-box store nearby and made the purchase successfully without any Internet eCommerce involvement..

Now I want to press the I BOUGHT IT BUTTON in my browser so that I don't have to see toilets in my dreams and on my computer anymore.

Thanks to The Cloud is Huge
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