Tuesday, May 6, 2014

3.1 Million Smartphones Stolen

Maybe I am missing something, but the linked post below suggests that, somehow, the greatest threat to the consumer who has a smartphone stolen is the loss of their data.  As a former successful target of a smartphone theft, my concern was the loss of the phone and the $100 it cost me to use the insurance that helped me buy a new one.  I got the data back immediately from the cloud backup that came with the phone.

Yes, I was concerned about the contacts it contained and some of my family photos that were there, but I doubt that they were of much interest to the thief or the drug dealer he sold it to.

Yes, the kill switch is a great idea and one that I support.  But the larger problem is that we are carrying devices that continue to have a high street value to criminals and an unregulated market in which to sell them.

3.1 Million Smartphones Stolen

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