Tuesday, May 13, 2014

AT&T to buy DirecTV for nearly $50 billion

"The talks are the latest sign of a rising tide of
potential megadeals in the telecoms, cable and satellite TV space,
which is being roiled by Comcast Corp's proposed $45 billion takeover of
Time Warner Cable Inc as well as market forces such as the rise of Web-based TV and surging mobile Internet usage.

AT&T in talks to buy DirecTV for nearly $50 billion: sources | Reuters

We've been trying to provide what news we have about the implications of various converging "new media" technologies and the consolidation of other mega media and technology companies.

The important fact for us consumers is the control of content AND the delivery system which invariably leads to higher prices that will fund the $50B and $45B costs of these acquisitions.

I would predict that the FCC may have some problems with this one.  Just my gut feeling today.

Thanks to Reuters
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