Friday, June 6, 2014

Microsoft’s Nadella on ‘Post-Post PC’ Vision - Digits - WSJ

"Satya Nadella, only the third CEO in Microsoft’s history, confronts a
reality where nearly all of company profits stem from software dependent
on its historic dominance of PCs and the computer servers that power
them. In newer computing areas, including smartphones and tablets,
Nadella has to show Microsoft can be more than a bit player.

In nearly four months as CEO, Mr. Nadella has gotten high marks from
Microsoft workers and many others in the technology industry for his
willingness to break from some company orthodoxy. For example, in March
Microsoft began offering a version of its Office software for Apple
Inc.’s iPad, deviating from the company’s practice of making Office an
exclusive for tablets powered by Microsoft’s Windows operating system."

Microsoft’s Nadella on ‘Post-Post PC’ Vision - Digits - WSJ

Now, I am thinking out loud here - as a consumer and tech industry pro.  

Two interesting aspects of the Microsoft are that they fly in the face of the strategic directions of two of Microsofts largest technology industry competitors, Cisco and Google.

Hardware giant Cisco is focusing upon Software Defined Networking (SDN) which makes hardware itself ubiquitous.  So a device-bound product play would seem a bit backward, unless it leverages embedded software.

Google has developed a sophistocated "office" platform with Google Apps that competes head to head with Microsoft Office at a price that is extremely competitive.

The only remaining area for competition would be "office" on the tablet and smartphone, a space that has yet to be effectively developed.  But I don't know about you, but beyond text messaging or answering an email on an Android or iPhone, I am not thrilled by additional office functionality on a handheld device.

The only saving grace might be all those driverless vehicles that keep being rumored.  Sitting in one of them doing "office" with my new Microsoft Officer (hint, hint) could be a possibility.

Just kidding, right?

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