Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Online Reputation Management with Social Media

 This week's acronym of the week is: ORM - Online Reputation Management

"There are lots of professional companies and individuals that can
help you monitor what’s being said about your business. Even if you feel
confident about your business and what it puts out on the internet it’s
always worth monitoring carefully what’s said. This means that you can
nip any problems in the bud before they escalate any further.

There are plenty of options for a business and there are many digital
ORM (online reputation management) agencies that know how to check how a
business is coming across to the public at large. These agencies will
also help that business to rank more highly in search results and for
relevant and positive content and reasons. These agencies are skilled at
sorting through all of the dross and data that exists online."

How to Manage Your Online Reputation with Social Media - GetResponse Blog - Email Marketing Tips

It certainly looks as if public relations has moved into the twenty-first century with new methods for both tracking and repairing opinions and followers.

Thanks to  - GetResponse Blog - Email Marketing Tips
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