Saturday, July 12, 2014

Drones Approved for San Diego

Yesterday we poked fun at Amazon for its contention to the FAA that its delivery drones would be safe and would not threaten the security or safety of the public.

In to two unrelated stores today, San Diego Gas and Electric and a newspaper were approved by the FAA to use unmanned drones.  SDGE will use them to inspect its power lines in remote parts of San Diego County.  The technology will eliminate the expense of renting manned helicopters to visually inspect high tension power lines that deliver electricity to residents of San Diego.  In the other story, an East San Diego County Magazine was approved to use a drone to "protect" its news people while they do their reporting

SDG&E gets OK to use drones to check power lines | San Diego 6 | Local News

San Diego East County Magazine approved for Drone by FAA

Thanks to San Diego 6and East County Magazine

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