Thursday, July 24, 2014

LittleBits and IFTTT Team-up to Automate Your World

I discovered the following post on Wall Street journal this morning and followed-up by looking into the company and its products.  In keeping with out Internet of Things (IoT)emphasis this month, I purchased the CloudBit module to use to automate some things at home and also signed-up for IFTTT.  Word of warning:  They have coined some new words and phrases to "simplify" the automation process, but you will need to put on your "21st Century" mentality.  That means if you were born before January 1, 2000, you will need to discard your 20th century mentality.

But at the end of the day, it seems quite COOL and - perhaps for some of you - a great distraction for Summer vacation.  Then when Fall comes, you will be way ahead at getting reminders and other COOL stuff to your smartphone or be able to turn on your air conditioner on your way home if that floats your boat.

LittleBits new Cloudbit Module available

Thanks to the folks at  Transition IT
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