Friday, July 11, 2014

Six Things You Need To Know About Amazon's Drones

A Message to Amazon:

Dear Jeff:

Drones can be used for more things - especially things that violate privacy AND security - than delivering Amazon stuff to customers.  To think that any regulatory agency will cave just to help you deliver your stuff is ridiculous.  Its not your drones they are worried about.


Homeland Security

Six Things You Need To Know About Amazon's Drones

1.  If the FAA grants Amazon an exemption, it does not mean Amazon drones will be flying down your street.
2.   Amazon claims their drone technology has advanced significantly in just five months.
3.   Amazon wants to innovate and knows that it can’t under the FAA’s burdensome regulatory regime.
4.   Amazon plans to self-regulate, with procedures that exceed current FAA rules for model aircraft.
5.   Amazon plans to use technology to keep their operations safe.

6.   If the FAA doesn’t grant Amazon’s request, the company will move their drone R&D operations outside of the U.S.

Thanks to Forbes

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