Thursday, July 31, 2014

The swift death of ReaganBook, the Facebook for patriots

"The site requires no proof of identity (or semblance to reality) to log
in, which becomes immediately obvious: everyone seems to be either using
real names, the names of famous conservatives, or the names of famous
conservatives paired with sex acts. Some are earnest; some are parody.
Neither of these are instructive or valuable. The only worthwhile
accounts are the ones that can't be parsed. Someone with a Captain
America avatar invites people to talk about guns; Margaret Thatcher
leaves more than 700 comments on an innocuous status. There is an eagle
crying, several photos of Jesus. Someone with the user name SATAN!
SATAN! SATAN! pokes me. A photo of a monkey in a bubble bath is posted,
and no one seems sure what side this person is on. Everyone is confused
and angry with everyone else. "

The swift death of ReaganBook, the Facebook for patriots | The Verge

There was a part of me that wanted to leave this post alone, but my journalist half won out because I believe that we all need to respect opinions of all types, especially when they inform the political conversation and improve our collective understanding.  Liberal trolls (at one end of the spectrum) and radical patriots (at the other) might want to explore the middle ground a bit more.


Thanks to The Verge

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