Monday, August 11, 2014

Automatic Unsubscribe Comes to Gmail

The rumors of email's demise are grossly exaggerated!  But email continues to be a sloppy, inefficient means of communication for many of us.  The amount of clutter and extraneous information contained in many emails as well as the sheer volume of traffic are important considerations when thinking about emails value to you or your organization.

But in the meantime, like the fax and desk phone, most of us will continue to own and use them until better technologies evolve.  Their redundancy is important as long as they are part of the lowest common denominator for communication.

I still don't appreciate having to wade through 100s of emails every day just to find the half dozen or so that are really important to me.

Automatic Unsubscribe Comes to Gmail - 'Net Features - Website Magazine

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