Friday, February 27, 2015

Apple Watch and other rumors

The Smart Watch is definitely here with the Motorola Moto X already available and the Apple watch soon to be announced.  The only rumored difference will be the cost.  Obviously, sinceApple wants to maintain their "premium" status for their technologies and will add at least $100 (above competitors) for their base model.

The important changes that this tech pro has noticed ( using the Moto X for a short while) is that sensors inside the device are enabling a variety of new functions that may or may not be important to the user.  As well, Bluetooth integration with the smartphone that you carry already give the watch the capability to extend phone functionality to your wrist.  Call me lazy, but those seconds saved seem like they are valuable to me.

We'll see. At this point I am siding with fad rather than necessity.  Reason?  The small screen is very hard to read and clutter abounds.  The only easy part is reading the time or the temperature, in my humble opinion.

Swiss Watchmakers Showcase Varied Approaches to Smartwatch Technology - Mac Rumors

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