Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Navy pays millions to keep using Windows XP

Kudos to the US Navy even though the estimated cost for their reluctance to upgrade will grow to more than $17M by 2017.  Most of us have had to align our computing requirements with Microsoft's changes in operating system choices and have already moved away from XP, even though it was a rock-solid environment in its day. 

We also require Internet access for much of what we do, while the Navy command and control systems - by nature - depend upon high levels of security and are more self-contained.  And I haven't read anything lately about the Navy's move to the Cloud.

But like the Navy, I still have two machines running XP in my data center.  One is attached to the phone system for voice mail and the other is used to admin legacy applications (in a manufacturing environment) that will probably never be upgraded.

Oh.  I neglected to mention that we also have machines using Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, and also Linux.  And, fortunately, we don't have to pay Microsoft millions to support them.  The trick?  Just don't let them see the Internet for anything.

Navy pays millions to keep using Windows XP | TheHill

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