Friday, June 12, 2015

What is Net Neutrality and Why is Everybody Talking About It?

Net Neutrality is a BIG deal as the US Congress demonstrated when it voted on April 13th to pass legislation that controls who can and who can't control the Internet.  At stake is the formerly protect US "Air Waves"  the means by which traditional telecommunication's signals were  broadcast to us.

Now that the Internet comes to our devices via a number of telecommunication's methods including over the air, but also over wires and via satellites, the regulatory "landscape" is more "cloudy" (to mix metaphors).

So chalk-up one for us - consumers.  Now we have some protection against content providers like Netflix or ISPs like Comcast from favoring sunscribers (read:  those who pay for premium service) and throttling (read: slowing down) services solely to increase revenue.

Net Neutrality Goes Into Effect: What Consumers Should Expect | The Cloud Is Huge

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