Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Five Technologies That Will Thrive Under A Trump Presidency

The Dark Web. Trump has said
that he doesn’t want foreign terror organizations to “use our internet”
and has suggested closing parts of the internet.

Online Gambling Sites. Donald Trump has long seen online gambling as a profitable enterprise. Online gambling is currently only legal in three states, with more considering lifting the ban.
When Overlord Trump is in office, the banks will bow before his golden throne,
kiss his ring and open up transactions to anywhere. Of course, Trump
will directly benefit from this as there are casinos with his name on
them. States will benefit too, as new taxable income streams will open up.

Android Products. Trump has not minced words in his attacks on Apple. He has called for a boycott over the tech giant’s fight with the FBI earlier this year. He’s been harsh towards Apple for building products overseas, something he also does with his own clothing product lines.

Smart Fence Tech. We all know Trump wants to build
that big mystical wall along the border between Mexico and the United
States. The solution is smart fences. With zone-sensors, electric pulses that
detect intruders and fiber optic detectors, smart fences are already being used in countries like Israel to protect borders. The main difference being that Israel has rockets being slung over its borders and we’ve generally got hardworking members of society coming across ours.

Surveillance Tech. Trump supports the holding of bulk data by the NSA. It is pretty easy to predict whatcomes next — a full installation of a surveillance state.

Five Technologies That Will Thrive Under A Trump Presidency - Forbes


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