Monday, August 22, 2016

SafeJunction Launches Indiegogo Campaign

San Diego startup, SafeJunction announces its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign launch today.  The campaign seeks to raise $100,000 of start-up funding during the 60 day campaign that concludes on October 27th.

 SafeJunction recently completed development of its Digital Identity Vault privacy platform and seeks funding to complete the commercial version of its Windows client as well as development of its Mac client and mobile apps for both the iPhone and Android platforms.

Contributors to the campaign will receive personal and/or friends & family versions of the new product named SafeShare.  SafeShare encrypts user's files or documents and enables the selection of private recipients and/or future users of these documents regardless of where they are stored or located. 

SafeJunction products eliminate the need for costly or complicated virtual private networks and provide users an extremely low cost of ownership.

For more information go to SafeJunction
To contribute to the Indiegogo campaign go to Indiegogo
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