Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Why Privacy In a World of Publicity and Transparency

The roll of government
Does or doesn't the government (of any country in the world) have a responsibility to provide a measure of privacy and security for its citizens?

Online Advertising/Tracking
If you use the Internet does it matter that all of your activity is recorded and tracked?  Your personal information is known to everyone with an interest: socially, commercially, and criminally.

Your smartphone has the capability to pinpoint your location anywhere on earth?  Do you care whether others, either officially or unofficially, always know where you are located?

Law Enforcement
The police have a duty to investigate unlawful, criminal activity.  How can they determine what kinds of activity is lawful without intruding upon your physical or digital space? 

Location-based tracking
Have you become mesmerized by the host of online services that come at you on your smartphone based on where you are?  Restaurants, shows, and lodging to name a few.  Does easy spell risky?

Do these issues enhance or threaten your life?  Food for thought!  What about action?

Thanks to our friends at SafeJunction
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