Monday, March 27, 2017

London terror attacker used WhatsApp before rampage- is encryption a problem

Encryption messaging apps continue to be used to assure the privacy of messages between two or more users of the app.  The huge question continues to be whether the use of such applications is a threat to national security.  The answer continues to point to the purpose for the use.

The laws of many countries also focus on purpose.  Using a firearm during the commission of a crime is very different from the use of the same firearm for hunting or personal protection.  Locking a house or car to protect personal property similarly affords the owner protection against intrusion as long as the owner is not engaged in criminal activity.

We hope that companies continue to be able to provide law abiding citizens the tools they need to protect their property, ideas, and messages as long as they are being used for lawful activities.

London terror attacker used WhatsApp, the encrypted messaging app, before rampage

Thanks to USA Today
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