Monday, April 3, 2017

Is Privacy Dead or Alive in the US? Chapter One.

The privacy is dead conclusion has been drawn and continues still to be drawn as the Internet and its "providers" find more lucrative methods of monetizing their connectivity.  The US Congress and recently elected Trump administration believe that opening the Internet to user tracking will stimulate new business to "Make America Great Again".  The victims of such careless handling of individual privacy are you and I - users of "free" content, but funders of the connectivity provided our mobile devices, home broadband connections, and workplace Internet access.

Privacy aside, for the moment, the additional threat from cyber criminals to steal our identities on the "public" internet and to hack, phish, and ransom our accounts adds a second important factor in the current condition.

Homeland security notwithstanding, the ability of the US NSA to monitor our Internet activity, mobile telephone conversations and other online "shared" communication is the third leg of a crumbling privacy platform that was once protected by the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution.

All that may disappear if President Trump choses to veto rather than approve the current legislation to eliminate most regulations and safeguards that currently protect us from the ISPs who we pay for our services.

Stay Tuned for additional chapters in the continuing saga of Privacy is Dead.

Thanks to your privacy friends at SafeJunction
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