Saturday, June 10, 2017

Is Privacy Dead or Alive - Chapter 3

The four corners of the Privacy conversation include:
Lower Right - Whistle-blowers like Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning
Upper Right - The Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution
Lower Left -  Legislative and regulatory issues like FCC and HIPAA
Upper Left - Big Data:  Big Business

So we track these topics with great interest.  In the past six months, the only significant news was the FCC's sweeping changes to the net neutrality rules, which loosen controls over the large Internet Service providers and leaves them free to police themselves.  Chelsea Manning is making more news with her transgender changes and recent release from prison than she did with her theft of classified information nearly 10 years ago.

So Chapter 3, like many middle chapters of books contains little remarkable changes to Privacy concerns, except that it reminds us of the laisez-faire attitude of most Americans, at least, regarding their Privacy on the Internet.

Instead, public transparency and the open sharing about the most sensitive details of many lives abounds the Internet, Social Media, and open content sharing media.

It appears, at least to this observer, that the gulf between traditional privacy (locks, doors, and gated communities) and online information sharing is widening, however gradually.

 Thanks to our friends at The Cloud is Huge and SafeJunction

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